Crime Prevention

The University Police Department will, free of charge, loan you an engraver to mark your valuable items. Your driver's license number can be placed on the base or rear portion of the item without marring the appearance of the item. Should you sell or trade an item, simply scratch one line through the number and give a bill of sale to the new owner. DO NOT completely remove the old number as it is against the law to remove or alter serial numbers.

Just a few moments of your time will help you from becoming a victim of a theft and will greatly aid in the return of your item should it become lost or stolen.

Colleges and universities have a reputation among the criminal element as "easy pickings." They are known to be open and friendly, and that valuable property is readily available for the taking. Help us help you avoid becoming a victim.

To borrow an engraver, stop by the University Police Department in the Student & Business Services Building, Room 101.