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 Women's Self-Defense Class - September 9, 2019

FREE Women's Self Defense Class. See above link for more information.

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Student Safety Escort Program Begins - March 4, 2019

HSUPD is proud to offer a new safety escort program, utilizing student employees, with funding from the CSU's Graduation Initiative 2025. For more information, click here.

For the Humboldt State Now story, click here.

UPD Establishes Scholarship Endowment Fund

Chief Peterson announced the beginning of a new scholarship fund to support service-minded students. For more information on the story and how you can become involved, click here.

Active Shooter Preparedness Training

Because of recent tragedies that have occurred at schools and institutions of higher learning throughout the world, Humboldt State University Police Officers have been trained and equipped to provide a combined response to include joint action with local law enforcement partners, as well as firefighters and paramedics, to address such threats here on our campus. In addition, our officers receive training in crisis intervention, as well as de-escalation training, to improve their response to situations involving mentally ill subjects.

In collaboration with the HSU Training Department, UPD Officer Andy Martin will offer training on being prepared for an active shooter scenario on-campus. In light of the recent events, it is an important reminder that we must all be vigilant and prepared to keep our community safe.

For more information or to sign up for the training, visit the HSU Training website at:

For more Active Shooter Preparedness resources, please click here.