The University Police Department’s Policy Manual is guided by Lexipol, which is based on constitutional law and a “best practice” philosophy. Lexipol is the industry standard and is currently used by the majority of California Law Enforcement agencies.

The University Police Department policy manual is subject to frequent updates based upon changes in State or Federal laws and/or best practices. The most up-to-date policies finalized by University Police will be posted on our webpage.

   1.   Policy Manual (PDF)




University Police Department officers are required to complete training in many areas including, but not limited to, perishable skills, legislative mandates, refresher trainings, cultural diversity and specialized training based upon assignments. Our officers routinely attend training presented by POST and several other local agencies.

The information below is limited to training materials produced and presented by the University Police Department. Please note that some training material is exempt from disclosure under Government Code section 6254.

   1.   Department Courses