University Code of Rules and Regulations

It is common in American community life for all citizens to expect certain fundamental freedoms and rights. The Humboldt State University Code of Rules and Regulations is adopted to assure consistency between campus and off-campus regulations. The Office of the President has been delegated authority by the trustees of The California State University and by other state statutes to enact rules and regulations governing the conduct of all persons upon the campus in Arcata and upon the satellite areas under the jurisdiction of the president.

Humboldt State University is an agency of the State of California government and its property is state property; therefore, local city/county ordinances do not apply in activities and facilities on the campus.

The university administration, in keeping with its responsibility to ensure the protection of life and property and to defend the campus community from unwarranted intrusion and disruption, has established and promulgated rules and regulations designated as the University Code of Rules and Regulations. Through a series of codified university regulations, as stated herein, a comfortable campus community life becomes more attainable, recognizing the uniqueness of the campus as necessary. This codification, therefore, is not intended to be more or less stringent or severe than those found in the surrounding communities, nor is the establishment of codified rules and regulations unique to this university. This code identifies conduct that is detrimental to the reasonable and legitimate expectations of students, employees and other persons visiting the campus, for personal safety and well being. This code also identifies conduct deemed inimical to the pursuit of knowledge and academic and personal freedom.

You can download the University Code of Rules and Regulations for reading.