Bigfoot Scavenger Hunt. [Image of Bigfoot]: Click to link to Scavenger Hunt Form

  • Look for this logo on different campus websites. Once you find it:
    • Click on the image
    • You will be brought to a google form specific to that Bigfoot Image
    • Complete the Form
    • Find 12 to get the prize (there are 15 in total)
    • Consider this one your "Free" space. Go ahead and click on it to "find" your 1st Bigfoot!


This table contains the name and job title of HSUPD staff members.

NameJob TitleCampus Extension
Scott VanScoyInterim Chief of Police5555
Daniel ValdezInterim Lieutenant4658
Melanie LaPorteChief's Assistant/Budget Analyst4667
Zan MendoncaPolice Services Technician,
Property & Evidence Control
VacantClery Coordinator & Live Scan Supervisor4654


This table contains the name and job title of HSUPD Dispatchers.

NameJob Title
Angelica PreciadoLead Dispatcher/Records Supervisor
Jennifer GomesPolice Dispatcher
Lisa MorrisonPolice Dispatcher
Jeff SchwartzPolice Dispatcher
VacantPolice Dispatcher
Jessica SnipesPolice Dispatcher (Part-Time)
Becky SchuettePolice Dispatcher (Part-Time)


This table contains the names of HSUPD Sergeants.

NameCampus Extension
Chance Carpenter4646, Box 5
Janelle Jackson4646, Box 2
Joseph Jones4646, Box 4
John Packer4646, Box 1


This table contains the names of HSUPD Officers.

Billy Kijsriopas 
Andy Martin 
Vincent O'Connor 
Delmar Tompkins 
Justin Winkle