We have been working to ensure our training lines up with the university's vision and values. Humboldt is committed to student success. UPD officers are required to complete 24 hours of POST training every 2 years. At UPD we want to go above and beyond the state required minimum hours. For more information on POST please use the link below.

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We want to be balanced with our training. For every hour we spend on firearms or the use of force, we want to spend an equal amount of time on topics related to the equitable treatment of all. Some of the trainings officers will attend in summer/fall of 2021 include the following:

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion training facilitated by Dr. Ndura

  • On-going training facilitated by the North Coast Rape Crisis Team

  • Legally Justified; But was it Avoidable

  • Successful Customer Interactions

  • De-escalation and Reasonable Use of Force

  • Crisis Intervention Training

  • Bias-based Policing

We are designing our training plan around the following outcomes:

  1. Community Collaboration & Shared Success: Working together, sharing resources, communicating openly, and creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

  2. Student Experience & Success: Identifying and building strategies that promote positive and meaningful student engagement experiences and success.

 Specific outcomes

  1. Increase UPD training and instruction in ways that welcome and facilitate campus community engagement.

  2. Balance community and cultural-based training with that of traditional police training.

  3. Create a mechanism for incorporating fact-based and analytical community-based input in police training/instruction.

 Measures of impact

  1. Training is required of officers and open to students, staff, faculty, and community via the following 25LIVE online calendars: Diversity & Inclusion, Faculty & Staff Events, Lectures & Talks, Student Life, and Trainings & Workshops.

  2. Faculty, staff and community subject matter experts have been invited to participate in police training as subject matter presenters and professional resources.

 As we pivot our training model, we look forward to providing enhanced services to our campus community.

Examples of UPD's typical training matrix can be viewed here: UPD Training Plan 2022