Service Feedback

A Message from the Chief of Police

The Cal Poly Humboldt Police Department strives to deliver quality police service to our community. We welcome feedback, positive and negative, from our community on the quality of our service. Please email, call, or come by the office to share positive feedback. We appreciate it, it is encouraging, and it goes a long way in reinforcing quality.

For minor concerns or complaints, we encourage you to speak directly with a supervisor. Minor concerns or complaints can often be resolved through dialog, education, or training. For more serious complaints, or anytime you prefer, the “Cal Poly Humboldt Police Department Feedback Form” is available. You may e-mail us, fax it, or deliver it to any supervisory officer on duty. Submissions may be made anonymously but the depth of an investigation is often better with personal conversation.

The Department is committed to a fair, impartial, review of all complaints. Complaints include any allegation of misconduct or improper job performance that, if true, would constitute a violation of department policy or of federal, state or local law, policy or rule. Personnel complaints may be generated internally or by the public. Complainants will be advised of the disposition of a complaint but state law requires that the actual discipline, if imposed, remain confidential. Normally, all complaint investigations are completed within forty-five days of the receipt of the complaint.

If you use the form below, you may add additional sheets of paper if you wish. Complaint forms are also available in person at the police department. If you file this complaint in person, you may simply ask for the supervisor on duty. If you wish to mail the complaint or fax it, please utilize the following contact information:

FORM:Cal Poly Humboldt Police Department Feedback Form
FAX:(707) 826-4637
IN-PERSON:Cal Poly Humboldt Police Department
Student Business Services (SBS) Building - 1st Floor
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA  95521